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Thiruvananthapuram Zoo And Museum

Thiruvananthapuram Zoo and Museum

The historical center building itself is an engineering quality. The Napier Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Reptile House and the Sree Chitra Art Gallery are all inside the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo complex in the midst of a well laid-out garden and stop in the downtown area. There is a lake and a vessel club mutually worked by the Department of Museums and Zoos and the District Tourism Promotion Council. The zoo offers an uncommon open door for the guests to encounter an unparalleled, pleasant and all encompassing sylvan scene with an extensive variety of creature accumulations. The zoo has 75 types of creatures from India as well as from abroad. It has a few types of creatures and winged creatures from Ethiopian and Australian zoological districts. The lion-followed macaque, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri tahr, Manipur deer, Indian rhino, Asiatic lion and the regal Bengal tiger are conspicuous among the indigenous jeopardized fauna, while giraffe, hippo, zebra and Cape bison are visitors from the African district. Another period will be introduced with the consummation of the continuous modernisation work in the zoo which will give for exciting experiences the creatures out in their outside scenes. The city additionally has the Kerala Science and Technology Museum which incorporates the Priyadarsini Planetarium.