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The Elephant Home Thekkady Is Same As Periyar

The Elephant Home - Thekkady is same as Periyar

The spin mountain, the invigorating, chilled breeze and the spice perfumed plantations; all of these can easily shoot a sense of awe at what is famous as Thekkady in Kerala. Periyar Tiger Reserve filled with fauna and awesome scenic beauty awaits you at Thekkady top in the Western mountains. Home to many jeopardize flora and fauna here at this reservoir you can catch a momentary of wildlife in a near range while sightseeing in a boat cruise in the manmade lake. The artificial river with its leftover of huge trees swamp partially in the backdrop of leafy green stimulates a mood of a reverie world

Besides the palatial tigers, the province is popular for the flock of elephants seen around the edge of the river, a enduring sketch of Thekkady. The hills covering the lake around with opaque deciduous woodland and grassy savannas make this a sketch-perfect holiday land. Prominent as the ‘lifeline of Kerala’ the cascade Periyar, the longest and one of the few abiding rivers in Kerala emerge in the reserve’s far off forests.

Come to the ecovillages located in the bottom lying mountains of the Western Ghats aside the Periyar forests. Scatter across the whole places are picturesque plantations and mountain towns that have many AWE in store for you asides the opportunities for exploit holidays such as rich tribal culture, border hiking, rock climbing, bamboo rafting and a trekking. Here, the enjoyable delights of the citizens co-inhabit the best of nature. Pepper lines with their droop bunches of green peppercorns or the nano flowers of cardamom or the lip strike honey from the beehives in the cardamom plantations, magnify to the Thekkady episode.

The village soul homestay holiday package conducted by Kerala Tourism commences at the house of Soman at Amaravathy in thekkady. Here, backpackers can find how  fresh pappadam, a crumbly snack on Indian dining, is making. Soman Chettan (Chettan means elder man) will brief you to the recipe of its making from black gram flour.

In transits Kumili (Kumaly) from Munnar is the Valiyapara hill-point, which is also ticked by a nearby deep growth of bamboo. From this edge you can view the lower Periyar, Cuddalore and the energy station, look through the thin layer of haze. Keep in mind that you arrive here after early morning and before twilight or else the murky mist will shade your eys.

The hot and spicy pepper pickle of kunjachan and annamma chechi (chechi means elder woman) can tingle your mouth watering taste. Though named Midas Coffee Works, the store is popular for the Pepper and Nutmeg pickles. Tread the sandy path  in the cardamom plantation of Outhachan. There Outhachan will give you honey, draw from the beehives set in the Cardamom plantation that can melt in your tongs. The beehives nested in the timber pillars firm alongside the plantation have more than enough honey and can leave you wanting for more. Take care of the grasping black ants, which stick on firmly relish the honey; because they don’t let you get the honey that easily.

In the mean time, Sisy chechiwill be ready with the tasty Kerala Sadya made from the fresh green vegetables grabbed from the eco land. Normally guest reach here for lunch with the pappadams from Soman Chettan and the pickle from Annama chechi.

A relaxed saunter through the tranquil cardamom plantations, fondle the little cardamom plants and choosing out the different varieties of it is really an ease experience. On return a visit to the cardamom dryer store is suggested for the tourist. The Ottakathalamedu view-point reveals the ripples hills of different geography. The village church with its Cross kissing the blue sky at the top of one of the mountains is a sight to contemplate.

You can feel the tempo and richness of the tribal characters by viewing the plays and songs in the authentic Paliyakoothu show at the Vanashree Hall in Thekkady. The performers with their rapid actions, gorgeous make-up, smooth headgear and special costume can leave you fascinating. This impression the end of the episode of Thekkady village life vacation. By this movement the spice perfumed breeze would have occupy every corner of your heart revive your soul.

Reaching there: 

Closest railway station: Kottayam, via Kollam –Theni Hwy about 107 km
Cosest airport: Cochin International Airport, via Aluva –Munnar Rd, about 146 km