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Beach Destinations Of Kerala

The Gods own country is not only famous for its greenish hills and backwaters, but also for the romantic and beautiful beach destinations.
The following are the most famous beach destinations of Kerala.

  • Kovalam Beach

The best sea beach in Kerala for couples, friends, & family
Kovalam is a beachside, quaint little town near Thiruvananthapuram. This town has three beaches, separated by rocks. The Lighthouse beach is one of the most romantic beaches in Kerala and is considered as the paradise of the south.

  • Kappad Beach

A beach with a historical significance

Kappad has interesting history attached to it. The explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on the shores of the town Calicut now known as Kozhikode, when he docked in India in the year 1498. Another romantic getaway, this beach is serene and not too overwhelming.

  • Varkala Beach

To wash away the sins

Blue skies, coconut palms, lapping waters, cool sea breeze, sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Varkala is a beautiful coastal town and has some of the most peaceful seaside cliffs and good beaches in Kerala.


  • Alappuzha Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Kerala

One of the most visited beaches in Kerala, Alappuzha is popularly referred to as Venice of the east. It is one of the most picturesque beaches of Alleppey. Besides the houseboats, Alappuzha also offers the perfect romantic setting for newlyweds and couples looking for beaches near Alleppey.

  • Bekal Beach

A beach in Kerala with a fort

Bekal beach and fort, for all its exotic charm, is the best sea beach in Kerala. Coupled with pristine waters, white sand, and a postcard-perfect fort, this beach will strum your romantic chords.


  • Payyoli Beach

A romantic getaway near Kozhikode

Counted among comparatively good beaches in Kerala, Payyoli is rather quiet and desolate sojourn away from rush hour crowds! This beach is near Kozhikode and is a perfect romantic getaway. This beach is known for being a breeding ground for turtles. Watching baby turtles make their journey into the sea, what could be more romantic?