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An Inspiring Story

Well she is not a famous personality, just a common woman, who inspired me in a different sense.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of her.

Early morning, 8:10 AM. I was waiting in the bus stand. I saw a lady. Wait I had seen her before. Yeah I had helped her to get the bus. Should I talk to her??? .

I was hesitant, later I just saw that lady was asking someone to tell her when the bus to majestic comes.

No one cared. So it was the time. I went and started the conversation.

Me: madam u want to go to majestic right?

She: yes sir.

Me: don't worry, I will tell u when the bus comes. By the way do u remember me, the last time I talked to you, and helped u to board the bus

She: no sir, many people do that, I don't remember exactly, sorry.

Me: it's ok. By the way where do you want to to go from majestic?

She: Shivaji Nagar.

Me: so seems u travel daily. Do u work there mam?

She: yes sir ,I am a typewriter, I translate from Kannada to English.

I was dumb and stunned for a minute. Y ???? What's so big deal??? . I forgot to mention, she is a diffently abled person, she is blind

She: so u are also shocked isn't it?

Me : yes.

She : sir u don't know, whatever there is to type, ppl will come to me , in fact I will type a single page in just few minutes. Anyway there is an assistant to read and I will type. I know it's hard, but what shall I do sitting in home, I want to earn, I want to work, I want to be a normal person in my life sir. If u have anything to type, just give it to me, I will do it for free.

I could sense so much of pride in her face. I was still speechless. I had lot of stuffs going in my mind.

Me: I just feel so happy and proud of you mam.

She : thank you.

Me: by the way, I work in an hospital xyz, if u need any help u can contact me anytime mam.

She: yes sir, I come to the hospital xyz frequently, can u write Ur name and phone number and give it to me sir.

Me: yes sure,

I opened my bag for a pen, but bus came.

Me: madam bus came, but I will give you the number next time.

She : thank you so much sir.

She boarded the bus. And left. I had so many questions in my mind, mainly how is that even possible, a typewriter??? How does she manage it. But above all.

Doesn't she give a message to me…… I can't even walk down of my apartment till the entrance with my eyes closed. But she , on the other hand throughout her life, being a woman daily travels from a Pg to her work about 20 Kms in Bangalore, changing buses, crossing roads alone with the help of a stick.

If she translates into English then she must have completed her degree, how difficult could have been to do that.

It's almost impossible right??? But what needs to be appreciated is her confidence, her determination.

When she thought she would study many would have said impossible, when she thought she would do alone many would have said impossible, when she thought she would earn many would have said impossible, when she thought she would be independent many would have said impossible, when she thought she would be leading life just like a normal person many would have said impossible.

But look today she stands in front of us , showing what it means when someone says its impossible.

Even in our lives too,we dream of becoming something big, we dream of doing something beyond, we dream of defining ourselves but when u bring it out, all u hear is impossible. So we give up easily, without realising our capacity and strength.

So never say u can't do. It's not a crime to dream, but it's a crime to give up.

She might not be great personality, nor achieved something great, but she definitely do question us about our potential. To get inspired u need not always search internet for motivational videos, instead give attention to small things that happens to pass by and learn from them.

Well after this incident I have met her around 4 to 5 times because we catch bus at the same time. I gave her my number but she didn't call, hope she didn't come to the hospital.

Another thing. Whenever you see a blind person trying to cross road or trying to board bus , even if it's 5 mins please help them, just casually speak with them, because ur small gesture is the reason for their hope to step into the dark world out of their closet

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